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Re: PostOffice delivery reports

Sorry, I have been off the net (somebody call it 'vacation'), and
afterwards your question became buried so deeply that it has been
practically lost...  (well, forgotten anyway)

> -suppose our server has 2 domains in localnames: supermedia.pl and s-m.net
> -suppose there are 2 e-mails: john@supermedia.pl (mailbox: john) and
> john@s-m.net which is fqdnalias for mailbox s-m.john
> When john@s-m.net sends an e-mail to address which doesn't exist he should
> receive from PostOffice <postmaster@supermedia.pl> delivery report on his
> e-mail. But the report is sent to local mailbox john, not to the user
> john@s-m.net
> So user john@supermedia.pl receives strange for him email about problem
> delivering mail which he hasn't sent. It can be really annoying.
> Is there something we can do about it in our zmailer's configuration?

	I don't know for sure, but I have a guess...
Following is repeating yesterday's reply

What does your 'localnames' database contain for  s-m.net ?
 a)	s-m.net
 b)	s-m.net	 s-m.net

The first can cause your source address to be mapped to  $mydomain
which seems to be "supermedia.pl".  The second keeps its value.

  ----  standard.cf --------
#|  deliver(name) -> name'
#|  Canonize our local hostname via  localnames  database

deliver (name) {        # Produce rc=0 and output our CANONIC hostname
        local tmp
        tmp=$(thishost "$name")
        if [ $? = 0 ]; then
                if [ "$tmp" = "" ]; then
                        tmp=$mydomain   # Its blank -> its $mydomain ...
                [ $(otherservers "$name") ] || { echo "$tmp" ; return 0 }
        return 1
  ----  end standard.cf -------

Changeing there above '$mydomain' to "$name" (within quotes!) would
likely solve your problem without using form 'b)' identitymaps.

Cavet:	I haven't (yet) tried to do any tests about this, that is,
	this is pure speculation so far..

> Regards,
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/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>