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Relay control


I'm having a bit of trouble setting up my smtp anti-relay rules.  I have db/smtp-policy.mx empty, db/smtp-policy.relay has the list of ips which I want to be able to use my server as their smtp server, and in db/smtp-policy.src has the following option uncommented:

# -- 3rd alternate: MX relay trust, DNS existence verify
.                       relaycustomer - acceptifmx + senderokwithdns +
[]/0             relaycustomer - acceptifmx + senderokwithdns +

Now, depending on whether or not I comment out 

 cat localnames | \
 awk '/^#/{next;} NF >= 1 {printf "%s = _full_rights\n",$1;}'

from bin/policy-builder.sh, I get one of two behaviors; either the server no longer accepts local mail, or the server can be fooled by anyone who claims to be user@mydomain.

Is there a fix for this?