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Re: URGENT - Zmailer Year 2000 compliant?

> Hi ,
> Is Zmailer year 2000 compliant? i'm thinking of using it in a
> program that needs to be year 2000 compliant.
> Has anyone encountered problems with regards to Year 2000? and how zmailer
> handles its dates on messages?
> Please let me know via email. And thanks in advance for your help

(this is so FAQ question that you could have found it from web-pages too..)


Year 2000 compability

   ZMailers since 2.98 have been ``Millenium Bug'' resistant by removing
   any vestiges of user supplied date parsing routines as such activity
   was not of any practical usefull value, and yet the users were able to
   submit "Date:" headers with invalid representations.

   All generated "Date:"-like date and time presentations are done with
   full year value instead of abbreviating to two digits. Also, timezones
   are presented as offsets relative to UTC, if it can be determined.

   Internally ZMailer uses UNIX time_t, which at the moment is usually a
   signed long (32-bits) representing seconds since epoch of January 1st,
   1970, 00:00 UTC. This signed value overflows in early January 2038.

> regards
> Trevor

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>