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Re: local/pipe* (mailbox) ?

> Hi,
> 	I was testing the differents entries of my scheduler.conf,
> and if I have in my aliases:
> testpipeFalse: "| /bin/false"
> When I send a message to that alias  I spect that it bounce with an
> error message but it doesn't, it  leaves until the retry time is up.

	I had to read source to really know ...

	Yes, the man-page is wrong -- not updated...

> ************************************
> #> mailq -s
> 0 entries in router queue: idle
> 1 message in transport queue: working
> local/pipe.testfalse@pdpriu.uba.ar:
>         7585-832:       [exit status 255] (retry in 33m36s, expires in
> 2h5m19s, tries=9)
> ***********************************
> The mailbox man:
>    When delivering to a process (by starting a Bourne shell  to
>      execute a specified command line), the environment is set up
>      to contain PATH, SHELL, HOME, USER, SENDER, and UID environ-
>      ment  variables.  The HOME and USER values are the recipient
>      user's home directory and login id respectively.  The SENDER
>      value  is  the  sender  address for the message (as it would
>      appear in a From_ line), and the UID value is the  owner  id
>      of  the process.  The SIGINT and SIGHUP signals are ignored,
>      but SIGTERM is treated normally.  If the process dumps core,
>      it  will  be  retried  later.   Otherwise  any non-zero exit
> 				     ****************************
>      status is taken as a permanent failure and will result in an
>      ************************************************************
>      error message back to the sender.
>      ********************************

	Return statuses
	are passed thru to the caller, which treats them permanent,
	all others are translated into EX_TEMPFAIL.

	That means return code 255 from /bin/false translates into

	These behaviours were (I recall) done after reports about
	PROCMAIL related problems.

	See  <sysexits.h>  file for (email) related exit codes.

> What's up?
> Bye,
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