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local/pipe* (mailbox) ?


	I was testing the differents entries of my scheduler.conf,
and if I have in my aliases:

testpipeFalse: "| /bin/false"

When I send a message to that alias  I spect that it bounce with an
error message but it doesn't, it  leaves until the retry time is up.

#> mailq -s

0 entries in router queue: idle
1 message in transport queue: working
        7585-832:       [exit status 255] (retry in 33m36s, expires in
2h5m19s, tries=9)

The scheduler.conf says:

	// default values

        # Originally we had 3 hour expiry, but if your local system goes to
        # a fizz (freezes, that is), your local mail may start to bounce
       # before anybody notices anything...
        # want 20 channel slots, but only one HOST
        # Do MIME text/plain; Quoted-Printable -> text/plain; 8BIT
        # conversion on flight!  (Can't use CYRUS, nor PROCMAIL here!)
        command="mailbox -8 -l /tmp/logmailbox"

The mailbox man:

   When delivering to a process (by starting a Bourne shell  to
     execute a specified command line), the environment is set up
     to contain PATH, SHELL, HOME, USER, SENDER, and UID environ-
     ment  variables.  The HOME and USER values are the recipient
     user's home directory and login id respectively.  The SENDER
     value  is  the  sender  address for the message (as it would
     appear in a From_ line), and the UID value is the  owner  id
     of  the process.  The SIGINT and SIGHUP signals are ignored,
     but SIGTERM is treated normally.  If the process dumps core,
     it  will  be  retried  later.   Otherwise  any non-zero exit
     status is taken as a permanent failure and will result in an
     error message back to the sender.

What's up?

   Ma. Carolina Leon Carri                  
   Red de Interconexion Universitaria - RIU
   e-mail: carolina@riu.edu.ar            
   Tel: (541) 511-1201