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zmailer is being weird about re-writing headers

Hello..  I've seen the question about virtual domains come up before,
and I've seen the replies, so I did the following to my cf/crossbar.cf:
in crossbar.cf, in internet(), comment out where it calls

So, now it's very good about not re-writing the "From:" headers, but
it still rewrites a bunch of other headers.  My "main domain" is 
ichallenge.net, and the virtual domain is drew-hamilton.net.  Here are
relevant headers, escaped so as not to confuse MTAs:

[From drew@ichallenge.net  Wed Aug 12 13:32:36 1998
[Return-Path: <drew@ichallenge.net>
[Sender: drew@ichallenge.net
[From: Drew Hamilton <drew@drew-hamilton.net>

So, it's still re-writing Sender:, Return-Path:, and From.  Any 

 - Drew