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Re: Hmm... can't send mail from here...

> Hi
> Hmmm... I just sent a message to the zmailer list, but it's still in the
> queue:
> [gromit]{~}>mailq
> smtp/nic.funet.fi:
> ->> 453 4.4.3 to get somebody to fix your DNS servers. (retry in 7m30s, 
> expires in 2d23h, tries=2)
> What's wrong?

  The text, of which this is the last line:

	Policy analysis reports temporary DNS error
	with your source domain.  Retrying may help,
	or if the condition persists, you may need
	to get somebody to fix your DNS servers.

is used for MAIL FROM addresses which have invalid domain.
Check the source address in the message, and you will likely
notice it to have some error in it.

>       My current IP is (yes, private IP) connected to
> the network of my school (there's a network-address-translator over
> there...), and I'm afraid zmailer tels that to the other smtp server?
> Hmm... maybe I can't even resolve it over here... nope, can't...
> What's the solution? With sendmail I used the genericstable and
> masquerade_enveloppe to rewrite the enveloppe adress...

	Perhaps that is it, messing with the envelope(s) is always
	dangerous business...  ;)

> Paul
> --
> Paul Dekkers
> E-Mail: <P.Dekkers@phys.uu.nl> / <P.Dekkers@cgu.nl>

	/Matti Aarnio