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Hmm... can't send mail from here...


Hmmm... I just sent a message to the zmailer list, but it's still in the

->> 453 4.4.3 to get somebody to fix your DNS servers. (retry in 7m30s, 
expires in 2d23h, tries=2)

What's wrong? My current IP is (yes, private IP) connected to
the network of my school (there's a network-address-translator over
there...), and I'm afraid zmailer tels that to the other smtp server?
Hmm... maybe I can't even resolve it over here... nope, can't...
What's the solution? With sendmail I used the genericstable and
masquerade_enveloppe to rewrite the enveloppe adress...


Paul Dekkers
E-Mail: <P.Dekkers@phys.uu.nl> / <P.Dekkers@cgu.nl>
In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.