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Re: offline zmailer?

> Hi
> I'm reading my mail offline sometimes, like now, and I just sent some
> replies. Now, the scheduler is trying to deliver the messages on the
> background with 'smtp', which results in an running process that expires,
> and than tries another message...
> No problem? Well, the 'smtp' process eats up at about >50% of my CPU
> according to 'top' and 'ps'... I thought zmailer was designed for low
> load? :-) (Okay, also to work at high loads, and now I'm sure it does ;-))
> But: how can I prevent zmailer from doing this?

	Eh, what that process is doing ?  It should not spin like
	a mad that way...  (Unless you have lots of messages in
	there ?)   (Btw: what is that ZMailer's version ?)

	Some error detection mode is a bit too fast, perhaps.
	See the TODO file in current sources, it does mention similar
	error behaviour, but with two target threads...
	Eh, what does  'mailq -Q' tell about your queues ?

A possible way to do it:


	.	smtpx!outbound.relay.nl


		queueonly	# since 2.99.49p5 (July 25, 1997)
		#(+ other parms)
		command="smtp -c smtpx -x"

	Now this pair means all your non-local traffic will go
	to a non-automatically kicked queue, and you have to
	manually initiate a "ETRN outbound.relay.nl" operation
	on it every now and then..

> Paul
> P.S. The scheduler eats up the rest of the 100%: 40% at this time...

	Yes, it feeds jobs to the TA, and TA tells it to feed more...

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> Paul Dekkers
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