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offline zmailer?


I'm reading my mail offline sometimes, like now, and I just sent some
replies. Now, the scheduler is trying to deliver the messages on the
background with 'smtp', which results in an running process that expires,
and than tries another message...
No problem? Well, the 'smtp' process eats up at about >50% of my CPU
according to 'top' and 'ps'... I thought zmailer was designed for low
load? :-) (Okay, also to work at high loads, and now I'm sure it does ;-))
But: how can I prevent zmailer from doing this?


P.S. The scheduler eats up the rest of the 100%: 40% at this time...

Paul Dekkers
E-Mail: <P.Dekkers@phys.uu.nl> / <P.Dekkers@cgu.nl>
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