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Re: zmailer & virtual domains

> > 	Hi!  It's me again :-))
> > 
> >   I have the following question -- can I have some different mail domains
> > in one UNIX-box with zmailer?  For example, I want to have user1@domain1 and
> > user2@domain2 but user1@domain2 must be error address.
> > 
> > 	Any suggestion?
> 	Presuming login usernames have nothing to do with address
> 	names, and are unique over the entire user base, you could
> 	do following mappings:
> 	$MAILVAR/db/fqdnaliases:
> 	user1@domain1:      login1@server1
> 	user2@domain2:      login2@server1
> 	user3@domain3:      login3@server2
> 	postmaster@domain1: postmaster
> 	postmaster@domain2: postmaster
> 	postmaster@domain3: postmaster
> 	(and presuming everything else at these two domains
> 	 is invalid..)
> 	$MAILVAR/db/routes:
> 	domain1  	error!novirtuser
> 	domain2   	error!novirtuser
> 	domain3   	error!novirtuser
> 	(And you may guess from that example one detail of
> 	 how Sonera does virtual domains, and distribution
> 	 to multiple servers for load distribution ...)

	This is not same I want to have:
    Our mail relay must have domain1 and domain2 in localnames file.
    And we haven't real users on this machine.

	In my second letters I describe (in little form) current algoritm
    using in our mail system.  So, what do you think about this algoritm?

	CU, Victor Gamov