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Re: zmailer & virtual domains

> 	Hi!  It's me again :-))
>   I have the following question -- can I have some different mail domains
> in one UNIX-box with zmailer?  For example, I want to have user1@domain1 and
> user2@domain2 but user1@domain2 must be error address.
> 	Any suggestion?

	Presuming login usernames have nothing to do with address
	names, and are unique over the entire user base, you could
	do following mappings:


	user1@domain1:      login1@server1
	user2@domain2:      login2@server1
	user3@domain3:      login3@server2
	postmaster@domain1: postmaster
	postmaster@domain2: postmaster
	postmaster@domain3: postmaster

	(and presuming everything else at these two domains
	 is invalid..)

	domain1  	error!novirtuser
	domain2   	error!novirtuser
	domain3   	error!novirtuser

	(And you may guess from that example one detail of
	 how Sonera does virtual domains, and distribution
	 to multiple servers for load distribution ...)

	With '$MAILSHARE/forms/novirtuser' form (must be
	written at first, though) a message of following

		"Sorry, this is not known user in our
		 virtual mapping database."

> -- 
> 	CU, Victor Gamov

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>