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Re: Major (un)ordered file code Oops...

> In case you ever wondered why the first lookup on _any_ "ordered" or
> "unordered" zmailer db fails with zmailer... here's why. Ouch.

  Oops indeed.  Patch applied.

> This is probably the reason people are using DB files.  :-/

	No, with DB files there is reliable way to update them
	without need to restart the routers.  Similar methods
	are possible with (un)ordered, but rarely people do it,
	namely copy the existing file into new one, edit the
	new one, and then MOVE (with 'mv') the new one on top
	of the old one.   Editing in-place has had a long history
	of trouble with (especially) ordered files.

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> Matthias Urlichs
> noris network GmbH

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>