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Old song - timeouts

  Well, now that Matti's back perhaps you will be able to help me with my
problem? I have described it already two or three times, but here's what
it's all about:

  I'm experiencing strange timeouts from machines that are otherwise fast
when reached with other protocols. The timeouts always happen in the DATA
phase. Most of the servers have pings from my machine at 9-20ms, so they
are fast. I suspected overlapped alarm() calls in smtpserver and I still
think it might be the cause. Since last time I observed that timeout rate
increases with the message size - the larger the message the more sure is
the timeout. It all started to happen ever since I installed the s5
release of zmailer. Now running s7, but it still timeouts... Well, I don't
know zmailer sources well enough to find the reason, but maybe you will be
able to help me out? The problem is that also VERY important servers (like
netspace.org or mail2.redhat.com, rootshell) are timing out...

sorry for being PITA, but it is really very important to sort out the

regards, grendel