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OS choices

I'm trying to set up a list server with a limited budget--gee, that's a
shock, huh?. I have the OS options of SCO 3.2v4.2 or 5.04 (we have a couple
of licenses unused right now), LINUX, FreeBSD, or Solaris X86 (I can get it
cheap with an educational discount).

I'd like to use zmailer with a 'free' UNIX since I've been trying to get
management to take LINUX etc. seriously for some time. But if Solaris X86
or SCO is a viable option or better choice I'd like to hear about it.

Any experiences/problems/recommendations? TIA.

Bill Luckett
System Engineer
Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society
Center for Excellence
Mississippi Education and Research Center
1625 Eastover Drive
Jackson, MS 39211

601.957.2241 ext 559