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Re: Old song - timeouts

> Hi,
>   Well, now that Matti's back perhaps you will be able to help me with my
> problem? I have described it already two or three times, but here's what
> it's all about:

  Your problem was one of the reasons I rearranged my schedules.

>   I'm experiencing strange timeouts from machines that are otherwise fast
> when reached with other protocols. The timeouts always happen in the DATA
> phase. Most of the servers have pings from my machine at 9-20ms, so they
> are fast. I suspected overlapped alarm() calls in smtpserver and I still
> think it might be the cause. Since last time I observed that timeout rate
> increases with the message size - the larger the message the more sure is
> the timeout. It all started to happen ever since I installed the s5
> release of zmailer. Now running s7, but it still timeouts... Well, I don't
> know zmailer sources well enough to find the reason, but maybe you will be
> able to help me out? The problem is that also VERY important servers (like
> netspace.org or mail2.redhat.com, rootshell) are timing out...

  Lets try to see what happens.  Your system is Solaris ?
Which version ? (2.5.*, 2.6.* ?)    ZMailer 2.99.50-s7 ?

Add "D" at  $MAILSHARE/smtpserver.conf  at each pattern:
	\[*\]	999 veD
	*	999 veRD

Then restart the smtpserver.

Now input timeouts will cause spool-files to be kept in the
spool (at $POSTOFFICE/public/ directory) when normally they
are destroyed with "mail_abort()".

You will recognize the cases with filenames of type:

Now, which happen ?

What the smtpserver log tells about these sessions on which these
messages were received (sorry, no easy way to identify process ids
from the spoolfiles.  Propably must try to add a way to log that
trapped spoolfile name into the log -- or store PID into the spool
file.. Hmm...)

> sorry for being PITA, but it is really very important to sort out the
> problem....
> regards, grendel

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>