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Re: version and policies?

In article <19980605211608Z10982-24058+281@nic.funet.fi>,
 <mea@nic.funet.fi> wrote:
>> I installed .50s5 in the middle of a spam flood, it was not pretty. 
>> The policies did not seem to work, and as soon as I opened up the 
>> router on port 25, all hell broke loose. The zmailer router began 
>> processing all this crap but it was relaying! Is this simply 
>> misconfigured on my part - following the install instructions and the 
>> info on the policy-builder.scr did not get the filters working right.
>> It was as if the router was running without any of the policy filters 
>> at all.
>	You are speaking of having smtpserver on port 25, don't you ?
>	You do have MAILSHARE/smtpserver.conf around, and it contains
>	(non commented) entry for:  PARAM policydb ...  ?
>	If that isn't there, the database is not active.

I have found out that in order to be sure that the policydb does something
expected, it is necessary to check it by doing a real relaying test. (Just
the fact that the policydb is read with non-commented PARAM policydb is not
sufficient.) By chance, I wandered to the MAPS site, did a relaying test,
and (to my surprise) it told me that my site was not configured to prevent
relaying; I then spent about an hour or two fixing the policy files until
it says my site is not relaying.

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