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version and policies?

Which is the latest/greatest and stable?

Once this is up and running, how can you test the policy filters for 
incoming stuff to make sure that all rules are being followed?

I installed .50s5 in the middle of a spam flood, it was not pretty. 
The policies did not seem to work, and as soon as I opened up the 
router on port 25, all hell broke loose. The zmailer router began 
processing all this crap but it was relaying! Is this simply 
misconfigured on my part - following the install instructions and the 
info on the policy-builder.scr did not get the filters working right.
It was as if the router was running without any of the policy filters 
at all.
All help appreciated.
Stuart Chase
Co-ordinator - Network Services, Postmaster
Computing & Communication Services
Mount Saint Vincent University