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Re: version and policies?

> Which is the latest/greatest and stable?

	My CVS tree -- well, not always the stable one, but
	I am again cutting a stable set from my modifications
	into CVS, and a snapshot.

> Once this is up and running, how can you test the policy filters for 
> incoming stuff to make sure that all rules are being followed?

	The interactive smtpserver is able to test the smtp-policy.
	The method isn't documented, nor easy to follow, as it needs
	interpreting debug analysis information.

		$MAILBIN/smtpserver -i -d1

	If it starts the process with lots of "mystic" Key/DEBUG/Results
	lines before it comes out to tell "220 ... ZMailer Server ...",
	then your compiled policy database is available.

	Sorry that the INSTALL file has not been updated recently, but
	apparently point number 12 covers this -- by giving pointers
	forward..  Whoops, that does not tell things clearly either :-(

> I installed .50s5 in the middle of a spam flood, it was not pretty. 
> The policies did not seem to work, and as soon as I opened up the 
> router on port 25, all hell broke loose. The zmailer router began 
> processing all this crap but it was relaying! Is this simply 
> misconfigured on my part - following the install instructions and the 
> info on the policy-builder.scr did not get the filters working right.
> It was as if the router was running without any of the policy filters 
> at all.

	You are speaking of having smtpserver on port 25, don't you ?

	You do have MAILSHARE/smtpserver.conf around, and it contains
	(non commented) entry for:  PARAM policydb ...  ?
	If that isn't there, the database is not active.

	What did you do with the policy files ?
	Which files you do have now ?

> All help appreciated.
> -Stuart
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Stuart Chase
> Co-ordinator - Network Services, Postmaster
> Stuart.Chase@MSVU.Ca

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>