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2.99.50(snap4) now at ftp.funet.fi (was: Re: Spam help.)

> I have sombody using my system to remail spam. What he is doing is using 
> my IP address in his hello. 
> from the smtpserver log:
> 4309w   250-Invalid `HELO' parameter!
> 4309w   250-Err: Should this be of <dotnum> format ? ( [nn.nn.nn.nn] )
> 4309w   250 iplink.net expected "HELO 1Cust73.tnt24.chi5.da.uu.net"
> 14472r  HELO
> I am running 2.99.49p9. 
> I have looked in the manual pages that describes how the smtp policy 
> filtering works and have been unable to figure out how to stop this 
> person. Is there any way to have the SMTP server thow away these messages 
> or possibly have the policy filter catch these errors and then stick them 
> in the freezer?
> any help would be greatly apprcriated.

	I have now made available my pre-4-snapshot of 2.99.50.
	I do hope I don't need to make changes into the code for
	this; only need to improve documentation ( = manual ).


	Start reading the manual (LaTeX generated PostScript)
	from chapter 2 (Install).

	Then continue following pointers at 2.5.11 about smtpserver
	configuring into chapters 3.4, and 4.1.

	If it does not work with those written instructions, do
	tell me and I will try to improve the presentation.

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/Matti Aarnio