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Spam help.

I have sombody using my system to remail spam. What he is doing is using 
my IP address in his hello. 
from the smtpserver log:
4309w   250-Invalid `HELO' parameter!
4309w   250-Err: Should this be of <dotnum> format ? ( [nn.nn.nn.nn] )
4309w   250 iplink.net expected "HELO 1Cust73.tnt24.chi5.da.uu.net"
14472r  HELO

I am running 2.99.49p9. 

I have looked in the manual pages that describes how the smtp policy 
filtering works and have been unable to figure out how to stop this 
person. Is there any way to have the SMTP server thow away these messages 
or possibly have the policy filter catch these errors and then stick them 
in the freezer?

any help would be greatly apprcriated.

Alvin Starr                   ||   voice: (416)493-3325
Interlink Connectivity        ||   fax:   (416)493-7974
alvin@iplink.net              ||