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no bounce mail when there should be?


does anyone notice if "user not found" conditions always
generate bounces as expected, or if sometimes nothing

I sent mail to no-such-user-test@some.domain.com (for some
real some.domain). I saw 550 user not found in the smtpserver
log, but no errormail appears in the queue. I  waited 5
more minutes (maybe more), but still there is no bounced
mail. Very strange. Stranger still, sometimes, but not
always, I get bounces.

Can anyone else reproduce this? Or is this just a stupid
config error?

Ambrose C. Li   <acli@mingpaoxpress.com>  +1-416-321-0088
Programmer-analyst/ system administrator/ PC user support
Ming Pao Newspapers (Canada) Ltd. EDP department
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