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Re: Trying to talk to myself!

> Why is it our mail server will only accept mail for our domain and not the
> machine name it resides on?
> If an email is sent to the machine it spits back (repeatedly)

	The machine does not know its local domains.
	Have you read thru the INSTALL file ?  Or its
	lattest version in HTML:

	It in part 4.4.4 describing various database files.

> <smtp hicks.valleynet.bc.ca dan@hicks.valleynet.bc.ca 99>: Trying to
> talk with myself!
> But dan@valleynet.bc.ca works just fine?
> How do I fix it so it accepts for the machine name aswell?
> This system is also our primary dns server, if that makes any difference?
> Thanks.
> Dan
> ps. We are also going to be accepting mail for a virtual host, soon, on
> this system and the same problem occurs.

	See same HTML document for text about  fqdnaliases

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>