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Re: Trying to talk to myself!

Thanks alot!
It's working now.
I guess this was just to simple for me....radius....majordomo.....and
others were more challengeing. Guess I should stick to harder stuff. =)

Thanks again to both of you.


At 04:40 PM 5/5/98 -0400, John D Groenveld wrote:
>#b  Remap local names (and recognize them) to their "canonic" forms.
>#c  thus having multiple machines on the same mailer..
>ahostname			ahostname
>ahostname.valleynet.bc.ca	ahostname.valleynet.bc.ca
>bhostname			bhostname
>bhostname.valleynet.bc.ca	bhostname.valleynet.bc.ca
>localhost			localhost
>localhost.valleynet.bc.ca	localhost.valleynet.bc.ca
>The file must be sorted with atleast early versions of zmailer