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Re: hostnames

> Well I have one more very troublesome problem.
> I am runninig zmailer 2.99.49p9 on a host in test mode.
> Hostname aquarius.cc.ucf.edu
> If I send mail to chris@aquarius.cc.ucf.edu, works like a champ.

	Your problems are weird.  I can't (blindly) reproduce that,
	as the database relations (as seen with 'db t' at interactive
	router) have 'l' flag.

	Hmm...  Although, in my test case the 'localnames' is like this:

		thishost btree 1/10 l /opt/mail/db/localnames.db

	What does your system have ?

> It I send mail to chris@AQUARIUS.CC.UCF.EDU,  it bounces back and forth
> to itself, unless if have an entry in the localnames db for
> AQUARIUS.CC.UCF.EDU.  Yes the hostname in uppercase.
> Very strnage indeed. How do I change this behavior ??

	By figuring out what is happening in your system.

	Occasionally I have logged into peoples machines
	to see what they have done wrong.

> Thanks 
> Chris
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