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canon.cf w/ alexis new canonicalize() code ...


	In the lattest snapshots there is  canon.cf  that contains
	Alexis  canonicalize()  code, however I just came accross
	an address which fails on it somewhat nastily:


	Also I came up with a patch for that by altering the start of
	canonicalize()  within canon.cf to be:

canonicalize (address) {
	address="$(dequote \"$address\")"
# We need string ssift to detect '|' because '|' is not RFC822 special
	ssift "$address" in
	((\|.+)|(/.+)|(:include:.+))		# unqouted pipes and files
		echo "$address"			# pass through

	Could Alexis (and others at bleeding edge) see what happens
	with your favourite pathological addresses ?

/Matti Aarnio