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Re: your mail

> > Hello Matti,
> > I am using Zmailer ...p8 (the final version ?) as our SMTP server.
> > I'd like to translate 8bit message body to base64 when sending mail
> > to outworld, and want to translate incoming base64 message body back
> > to 8bit. Is it possible done automatically by Zmailer?
>      Well, in theory yes.  Currently the system just expects to
>      get 8BITMIME input, not BINARYMIME.  And in case when the
>      remote system tells that it does not understand even 8BITMIME,
>      possible 8-bit encoded input material is re-coded into
>      QUOTED-PRINTABLE while sending.
>      Now that code is imperfect -- it truly works only with
>      emails that are single-part  text/plain  stuff.

To add something regarding the second part of your question: Zmailer's
local transport (mailbox) is capable of decoding QP and B64 when
saving data to the mailbox.  For my own reasons, I had to add similar
translation to smtpserver.  You may want to have a look at
smtpserver/README.translation (though you are unlikely to need it on
the smtpserver stage).