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RE: Rewriting headers

The normal behaviour of the Zmailer is to rewrite things in the header section
of the messages when it recognices the domain in the "From" header as a
localname. I want that the behaviour of the Zmailer with these kind of messages
was the same as domains listed as "allow relay" in the policy rules. That is, no
rewrite at all, and log them in the maillog with the original domain, not with
the domain of the Zmailer relay machine. But we want to continue aceppting mail
for these domains...

I don't know if this is possible hacking the configuration files.

>> Any user-visible headers are rewritable at the crossbar()
>> function -- that rewrite need not have anything to do with
>> how the message routing decissions are made.
>> At the 2.99.49p9 sources (it was at p8 also) file:
>> proto/cf/crossbar.cf
>> function:
>> internet()
>> has following comment:
>> # # Alexis Yushin <alexis@NL.net> mentioned that he does following:
>> # $(sender) && {
>> # local tmp
>> # tmp=$(masquerades $address) && address=$tmp
>> # }
>> But there is no definition for that  masquerades()  function.
> It could be something like:
>     if [ -r $MAILVAR/db/masquerades ] ; then
> relation -lmt unordered  -f $MAILVAR/db/masquerades masquerades
>     else
> masquerades () { return 1 }
>     fi
>And $MAILVAR/db/masquerades containing pairs of 'from' 'to' addresses.