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Re: your mail

> Hello Matti,
> I am using Zmailer ...p8 (the final version ?) as our SMTP server.
> I'd like to translate 8bit message body to base64 when sending mail
> to outworld, and want to translate incoming base64 message body back
> to 8bit. Is it possible done automatically by Zmailer?

	Well, in theory yes.  Currently the system just expects to
	get 8BITMIME input, not BINARYMIME.  And in case when the
	remote system tells that it does not understand even 8BITMIME,
	possible 8-bit encoded input material is re-coded into
	QUOTED-PRINTABLE while sending.

	Now that code is imperfect -- it truly works only with
	emails that are single-part  text/plain  stuff.

	This type of new code I postpone to 3.X series.

> Thanx!
> Best regards,
> Wei
>  _/  _/ _/  _/   _/       Mails:  weil@ihepa.ac.cn
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/Matti Aarnio