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Re: Rewriting headers

> Hello Alfredo,
> AS> It's possible to rewrite headers like sendmaild do? I want to rewrite the
> AS> "From:" header from user@domain1.com to user@domain2.com
> AS> Any help appreciated - alfredo
> I also want to know if it is possible, How?

	Any user-visible headers are rewritable at the crossbar()
	function -- that rewrite need not have anything to do with
	how the message routing decissions are made.

	At the 2.99.49p9 sources (it was at p8 also) file:
	has following comment:

#	# Alexis Yushin <alexis@NL.net> mentioned that he does following:
#	$(sender) && {
#		local tmp
#		tmp=$(masquerades $address) && address=$tmp
#	}

	But there is no definition for that  masquerades()  function.

	The  sender()  function is internal routine which checks to see,
	if the address being processed is on  "From:"  header.

> Best regards,
>  Wei
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/Matti Aarnio