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Re: userful patch -- finally!

Once news-misc@mingpaoxpress.com wrote:
>In article <199802040833.JAA03231@eekholt.NL.net>,
>Alexis Yushin  <alexis@NL.net> wrote:
>>	Another thing -- I have run into strange problems of zmailer
>>refusing talking to our customers -- You are on our reject IP list
>>-- GO AWAY, when there is no IP reject list at all, but dns-rbl enabled.
>>I disabled it temporary, but of course what I mean is that the customer
>>is not in rbl-maps database, I checked. I'll report more if I get more
>Yes, I have seen it too. I just saw it in real time last evening; saw the
>message, and (after some delay less than half an hour) checked the rbl-maps
>database. voila. nothing :-(

	The thing is that it is not rbl message, as far as I understand.
rbl would also give a url pointing out to rbl.vix.com or whatever,
			Where the wild horses run