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Re: userful patch -- finally!


Once mea@nic.funet.fi wrote:
>> 	When Matti was here we found a very annoying bug that would
>> make smtp client spin if remote smtp server would violate SMTP protocol
>> by issueing 220 and 551 consequentally without delay and then immediately
>> handup. Here is the fix. Regards,
>> 								alexis
>	I don't quite agree with the fix, as it turns a possibly temporary
>	failure into a permanent one.

	Well, not really. It will go over to the next MX and if all
of them would fail start again with this one next retry. Perfectly
fine with me :) But ok, when you get a better fix I will happily put
it into my source.

>	The snapshot alters also ident lookups, which on some platforms
>	do not timeout quite as well as one might want.

	Another thing -- I have run into strange problems of zmailer
refusing talking to our customers -- You are on our reject IP list
-- GO AWAY, when there is no IP reject list at all, but dns-rbl enabled.
I disabled it temporary, but of course what I mean is that the customer
is not in rbl-maps database, I checked. I'll report more if I get more
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