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Re: userful patch -- finally!

> Once news-misc@mingpaoxpress.com wrote:
> >Yes, I have seen it too. I just saw it in real time last evening; saw the
> >message, and (after some delay less than half an hour) checked the rbl-maps
> >database. voila. nothing :-(
> 	The thing is that it is not rbl message, as far as I understand.
> rbl would also give a url pointing out to rbl.vix.com or whatever,
> right?

	The 49p9snap* code gave sort-of-URL in "#" lines at logs.
	Post p9 modifications have added TXT object reporting in
	following style:

MAIL FROM:<foo@[]>
453-4.7.1 Policy analysis reported:
453 4.7.1 Blackholed - see <URL:http://maps.vix.com/cgi-bin/lookup?>

	(my local source understands IPv4 address literals too, and looks
	 them up..)

> 								alexis

/Matti Aarnio