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error in ORCPT reported by Sendmail 8.8.6

Saw the following in my zmailer logs.. I've looked up RFC 1891 and the
ORCPT param looks ok to me. Can anyone else here see why
sendmail 8.8.6 would be complaining?

05820T0078442307#       (Connecting to `mx1.rbcds.com' []
Tue Feb  3 14:45:07 1998)
05820T0078542312r       220 nic.rbcds.com ESMTP Sendmail 8.8.6/8.8.6;
Tue, 3 Feb 1998 16:45:12 -0500 (EST)
05820T0078642312w       EHLO gate4.mcc.net
05820T0078742312r       250-nic.rbcds.com Hello gate4.mcc.net
[], pleased to meet you
05820T0078842312r       250-EXPN
05820T0078942312r       250-VERB
05820T0079042312r       250-8BITMIME
05820T0079142312r       250-SIZE 1500000
05820T0079242312r       250-DSN
05820T0079342312r       250-ONEX
05820T0079442312r       250-ETRN
05820T0079542312r       250-XUSR
05820T0079642312r       250 HELP
05820T0079742312#       421765-29765:
05820T0079842312w       MAIL From:<JonathanWismark@metronet.ca>
05820T0079942313r       250 <JonathanWismark@metronet.ca>... Sender ok
05820T0080042313w       RCPT To:<lkazaz@rbcds.com> NOTIFY=FAILURE,DELAY
05820T0080142313r       501 <lkazaz@rbcds.com>... Syntax error in ORCPT
parameter value


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