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message body content trouble


Some recent junk e-mail content contains these lines at the end of the 
message ( the  'start' and 'end' tags are my insertions to mark it off)

[The culprit sender was jiji63@aol.com, Subject: RE: A Real Life Saver!! ]

--- start ---


--- end ---

The bytes are (via an 'od -cxb' ):

0000000   ! 313  \0  \n  \n   E  \n  \n
        cb21 0a00 450a 0a0a
        041 313 000 012 012 105 012 012

It appears that the '\0' byte could be problematic.
An MUA, particularly pine, has some difficulty with this:

	1) new mail is appended, but it never shows up
	   in the message index (users don't realise they
	   have new mail). The last meesage shown is the culprit's.
	2) if this message is deleted, all (hidden) new messages
	   received after this one are also deleted.

Is there anything zmailer could or should do to prevent this?
- this is, afterall, a binary fragment - nothing marked it off though,
so I assume that zmailer did not do any processing on the content.

Or is it merely a nasty pine bug?

zmailer version is 2.99.49p8 
pine version is 3.91

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