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Re: message body content trouble

On Sat, 17 Jan 1998, James MacKinnon wrote:
> It appears that the '\0' byte could be problematic.
> An MUA, particularly pine, has some difficulty with this:
> Is there anything zmailer could or should do to prevent this?
> - this is, afterall, a binary fragment - nothing marked it off though,
> so I assume that zmailer did not do any processing on the content.

It doesn't seem like a zmailer problem, but you might be able to work around
it in some instances by not using the "-8" flag to mailbox.  Removing that
flag will prevent mailbox from converting QP text to 8-bit when it pust the
msg into their mailbox.  

Of course, if the msg body is already 8-bit when it comes in, then this
won't help.


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