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Re: Zmailer rpms

> I have thrown all the old spec files that I was using on to my ftp 
> server. You can find them at ftp://ftp.kernelrom.com/pub/specs/. It is
> sort of old and needs some work, but most of the work has been done. 
> I will probably be using it soon, so it may get a long over due update.
> If you have any suggestions, please forward them on.

I have working RPMs for zmailer-2.99.49p8. It's basically some fine tuned
old SPEC from someone at RedHat (no packager in the spec file). Works fine 
for me, although i think there was some minor flaw so i didn't upload it to
RedHat. Anyway, it could be a good start point. If someone wants to look into
it just tell me where I should upload them. Since I'm still on dial up (which
is rather expensive here in germany :-( ) I'd prefer to upload the srpm only

so long,