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Re: Policy based spam filtering - bug ?

In article <m34t5grkxi.fsf@tnuctip.icm.edu.pl>,
Jan Rychter  <jwr@icm.edu.pl> wrote:
>Some subsequent testing has shown that indeed the string matching seems
>to be very "fuzzy" -- akuaku.com.pl for example gets rejected as spam,
>I'm using btree as the db type. Anything I'm doing wrong here, or is it
>a real bug ?

About two weeks ago I got a complaint from one of our overseas offices
saying they can't send mail to us. I looked at the log files; the
smtpserver was rejecting their mail as spam for three days. By the
time I got the complaint, any trace of problems had already disappeared.

Perhaps the smtpserver should log the real reason (on a # line) in the
log file so that if we hit this kind of thing again at least we know
what was going on?

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