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Policy based spam filtering - bug ?

Please take a look at the following:

14799#  connection from riva.koti.com.pl ident: root [port 11097]
14799w  220 sunsite.icm.edu.pl ZMailer Server 2.99.49p8 #9 ESMTP+IDENT ready at Thu, 1
3 Nov 1997 11:11:36 +0100
14799#  remote from []
14799r  EHLO riva.koti.com.pl
14799w  250-sunsite.icm.edu.pl Hello riva.koti.com.pl
14799w  250-SIZE 0
14799w  250-8BITMIME
14799w  250-PIPELINING
14799w  250-CHUNKING
14799w  250-EXPN
14799w  250-VRFY
14799w  250-DSN
14799w  250-X-RCPTLIMIT 10000
14799w  250-ETRN
14799w  250 HELP
14799r  MAIL From:<andrzej@aku.com.pl> SIZE=799
14799w  453-4.7.1 Access denied due to excessive spamming from your domain
14799w  453-4.7.1 or address.  If you are a customer of a spam-friendly ISP,
14799w  453-4.7.1 we recommend changing to a different ISP.
14799w  453-4.7.1 
14799w  453 4.7.1 We apologize for the inconvenience.
14799r  QUIT
14799w  221 2.0.0 sunsite.icm.edu.pl Out

292:ROOT@SunSITE:/local/lib/mail/db#grep aku smtp-policy.spam

Some subsequent testing has shown that indeed the string matching seems
to be very "fuzzy" -- akuaku.com.pl for example gets rejected as spam,

I'm using btree as the db type. Anything I'm doing wrong here, or is it
a real bug ?