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Re: Policy based spam filtering - bug ?

On Fri, 14 Nov 1997 mea@nic.funet.fi wrote:

> 	The problem in here is, the system has already done TWO
> 	policy lookups at the connection acceptance BEFORE it
> 	presents the initial "220" greeting banner, and we have
> 	no way of knowing what those decissions were.
> 	That is where I think an interactive debug tool would help;
> 	equip to it a set of commands:
> 		rset/reset
> 		connect
> 		mail from:<....>
> 		rcpt to:<....>
> 		quit
> 	Anybody willing to write such simplified "smtpserver" to
> 	help to test policy functions ?

just an idea here...

How about using "almost" the same smtpserver code in the tester, but just 
using another port (not 25). The modified code would not actually receive or 
do anything else but test. An option to specify some alternate smtp-policy db
would be a very big win IMO.