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Re: scheduler.conf: skew > 1?

> This is something that I've wondered about for a long time, and I've only
> just now gotten around to asking about it...
> Can anyone give me an example of a good reason to use a value other than "1"
> for "skew" in the scheduler configuration?
> With a skew of 1, new incoming messages for a target address that has failed
> and has message(s) queued for retry are automatically queued with the same
> retry time as the waiting message(s).  This seems to me to be the optimal
> behavior for every cirumstance I have considered, but maybe I'm missing
> something...

	There USED to be effect on the skew factor, but I did not remove
	it when I rewrote about 90% of the scheduler subprocess handling.
	Among those 10% are vestiges of "skew", and some such things, which
	I have not cleaned away.

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