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Re: Envelove rewrite? how?

This doesn't exactly answer your question, but it may prove useful

On Sun, 26 Oct 1997, Darryl Miles wrote:
> I have for sometime been sucessfully using zmailer on my system(s) to route
> SMTP traffic on the amateur radio packet network (dont worry too much
> about the detail, its really just internet at slower speeds for hosts in the
> .ampr.org domain).  Recently my Internet access provider announced it will
> be stopping the relaying of SMTP for non-customers addresses (to quite
> rightly curb unwanted email).  This I believe is being implemented
> soon/tested.
> it come from @g7led.demon.co.uk.  But the SMTP envelope (MAIL From:<> line
> still reads @odin.g7led.ampr.org> is there anyway I can rewrite this too?

This reminds me of the good ole days when I was running a UUCP/SMTP gateway
at a university.  When FQDNs became the vogue and I got tired of having to
constantly send updates to the UUCP Mapping Project (remember the host.UUCP
days?)  I rewrote the incoming UUCP mailer (/bin/rmail) to map UUCP hosts
under the university's domain (e.g. blah.uucp became blah.uucp.school.edu)
and the outogoing UUCP mailer to strip off the university's domain.

This may be a good approach for what you want to do, as it also allows easy
reverse mapping (strip off your domain and voila).  You could map this mail
into the ampr.g7led.demon.co.uk domain (or whatever), for instance.

The generally accepted rule of thumb is to apply the name mapping process
during transmission to and from the network that is being hidden/mapped.
This would imply that you should use modified SMTP server and client
software to talk to the ampr.org domain.  That is also the "correct" place
to hack envelopes (which zmailer does not - correctly - like to modify).


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