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Re: sendmail -t

[John got worried that I have not received this question,
 and probed me -- thanks, this had been buried deep..]

> Solaris: sendmail(1)
>      -t              Read message for recipients.  To:, Cc:,  and
>                     Bcc:   lines  will  be  scanned for people to
>                     send to.   The  Bcc:  line  will  be  deleted
>                     before  transmission.   Any  addresses in the
>                     argument list will be suppressed.
> Zmailer: sendmail(8)
>      -t    scan header for recipient addresses if none are speci-
>           fied  on  the  command  line.  This is also the default
>           behaviour, so this option has no effect.
> Is there a reason for this incompatability? I have some code which I need to 
> run against both sendmails.

	Sendmail: "Any addresses in the argument list will be suppressed"

	Yes, that could be done at ZMailer's "sendmail" too, then they
	behave exactly the same.  ( + update on manpage )

	(yet another last moment bit of code into source set waiting to
	 be released...  Ok, perhaps it will, but hour or so latter than
	 without this ;-) )

> Thanks,
> John
> groenvel@cse.psu.edu

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>