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Re: Support for SCO 3.2 V4.2 or SCO 5

> Has anyone compiled Zmailer on either of the OS's listed in the subject?

	Not that I know of, but the autoconfiguration should handle
	MOST, if not all of the details.

	The things it might not handle automatically include:
		- unusual location of UNIX mail directory
		- unusual mailbox file locking
		- unusual mailbox file format

	The first two are configurable at runtime thru  /etc/zmailer.conf
	file (or where ever you decide to place it), the last may need
	options at scheduler.conf, namely:
			command="mailbox -8 -M"
	where the "-M" means "MMDF mode".

	Oh yes, if the interface program is not known as "/usr/lib/sendmail",
	there may be some need for manual fixing of things, and perhaps
	additional coding needed to create some additional MMDF lookalike

	If you try it, do tell me, and I will incorporate all of the needed
	things into the documentations and into the sources (sgml/c/sh/...)

> Keith Menard
> Sr. Network Engineer
> West Interactive Teleservices

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>
	(Solaris tests turned up "ugly" source bug. I will continue
	 debugging after I have had decent sleep..)