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Re: Force EHLO greeting? how?

> Is there an argument to smtp that will force zmailer to send an EHLO
> greeting even if the remote system does NOT identify itself as ESMTP
> capable in the greeting banner?

	The smtp transport agent will ALWAYS start with EHLO attempt,
	at least that has been my meaning.   There is an option to use
	the "banner listed ESMTP capability" to control it, but the
	default is just simply do EHLO, independent of what the banner
	says.   (The "-E" option for the smtp transporter turns on this

> Microsoft Exchange does NOT send out an "ESMTP" identifier in it's
> banner greeting, even though it is ESMTP capable. This is causing us
> no end of headaches from users. I have no idea as to when Micro$oft
> is going to fix this, and I know I'll get a much faster answer (or
> hopefully a new argument to smtp?) from this list or even Matti.

	Could you do some logging at the smtp transporter for some
	example host, and see wether or not the smtp-transporter
	does EHLO, or plain HELO ?


		command="smtp -l /var/log/mail/smtp.some.host.com"

	Btw: I have been following various discussions on RFC 821/822
	compliance from sidelines with a bit of amusement on how fast
	(and well) some of you can give answers -- although sometimes
	incorrect ones.   I have been promoted to lead a networking
	group at my work, which tries to turn me into a bureaucrat, and
	away from things like ZMailer, IPv6, and Linux kernel hacking, ...


	I just went thru my developement source, and as I remembered,
	system works by checking "-E" flag, if it is set, the "ESMTP"
	word is tested at the connection banner setup.  If "-E" flag
	is set, EHLO is sent only with "ESMTP" being present.
	I seem to recall that way back at its first incarnation the
	test didn't reset for a new connection, but that was long ago.

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