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Re: Force EHLO greeting? how?

>      Btw: I have been following various discussions on RFC 821/822
>      compliance from sidelines with a bit of amusement on how fast
>      (and well) some of you can give answers -- although sometimes
>      incorrect ones.   I have been promoted to lead a networking
>      group at my work, which tries to turn me into a bureaucrat, and
>      away from things like ZMailer, IPv6, and Linux kernel hacking, ...

Oh Matti please please!  Zmailer cannot live without you!
It has done so much progress during the past few years, mainly due to
your effort.  Although it has become fairly stable and complete, it
needs further tender.  And the code is not good enough to easily
survive the change of owner...

Well, OK, even if you leave us, then good luck on your new position...