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Re: virtual hosting

On Mon, 18 Aug 1997, Eugene Crosser wrote:

> I wonder if anyone has done this and/or have any brilliant ideas...
> We are planning to provide virtual mail domains, prefferably on a
> single machine.  I see a few ways to implement this, from using
> fqdnaliases (zero modifications in the source) to modifying the
> mailbox transport to deliver different domains to different 
> directories and quering some database instead of getpwnam()
> (requires some programming), all having some drawbacks.

We have a hacked zmailer that will support mail-domains that each has 
there own alias file. It uses a changed set of xxx.cf files so all of the 
zmilaer C source would stay the same. The main problem is that the 
version of zmailer we are based on is quite old.

I have looked at the cyrus IMAP server and it looks as though that server 
could be easly hacked to work from a different password file connect to 
POP/IMAP users through an IP->configf-file mapping.

I have some time I can allocate in the effort to help put the pieces 

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