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Re: smtpserver rejected something it should not..

[ Ok, I am back from the IETF, and begining to be able to look at
  ZMailer again ...   Munich was -- sunny, and d*n hot for me ... ]
[ but I have a new toy also, DEC PSW 433a, which needs my time too. ]

This was privately sent email, but you all need to hear it, I think.
At least this start.

> Matti,
> I have to send this from my office account, though I am at home
> right now.  nic.funet.fi is rejecting my home machine at the
> source; can you take a look at what is going on?

	Yes, 'senderokwithdns' attribute processing had a bug.
	If the source host didn't have MX, but had A, the routine
	dnsmxverify() did still consider the result as an error,
	because the initial MX lookup yielded empty answer :-(

	I have now found, and fixed this at 2.99.49p6a4 (now at
	my workstation FTP area.)
> One more thing: /software/zmailer/logs/smtp (my smtp log) is not showing
> anything. The smtp chat sequence leading to the 4.7.1 is not in the smtp
> log, and after a few minutes I actually got a debug message in my syslog
> saying the smtp log cannot be opened, although something was logged just
> a few minutes ago. I find this strange.

	???  Are you sure you are running ALL your smtp transport agents
	with "-l ..." option ?  If the entry is:
		command="smtp ..." # -l ...."
	then there is no logging for it..  The command string has then ended
	before, and the end of the line is comment..
	At least the default  scheduler.conf  has such entries.

> And about why I wanted to send mail to the list in the first place: I
> got policy rejection at the source on aol's postmaster address. I guess
> something in 2.99.49p6a3's policy rejection algorithm is really screwed
> up. (I would suspect it is the dns stuff, but it can be something else.)

	I think it is the DNS stuff.  My new (2.99.49p6a4) package
	accepts AOL ok -- I think it is  <postmaster@aol.com>, isn't it ?

> I'm going to downgrade my home machine back to 2.99.49p3 and see if I'll
> get the aol mail later.

	Try at first:

		helo foo.bar
		mail from:<foobar@aol.com>

	and see how it differs with 2.99.49p6a3 and latter ones.
	Especially, why it refuses AOL's postmaster.

> --
> Ambrose C. Li <acli@mingpaoxpress.com> Programmer-analyst (sysadmin)

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>