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Procmail and Zmailer


I wonder if it's possible to get the 'procmail' package to work from

I've tried the .forward file approach, but found that it didn't try to
execute the $HOME/.forward file (even if marked executable).

I then tried using the 'sm' deliver method for the 'local' channel, and
edited /var/lib/zmailer/sm.conf to read:

local   sSPfn   /usr/bin/procmail               procmail -a $h -d $u

As per the procmail documentation.  Procmail is installed suid 'root'
sgid 'mail' for interest.

This works fine for plain users (from what I can see), but when it comes
to delivery to a file by using an alias entry like:

foobar:		/tmp/mailfile.foobar

'procmail' isn't happy with this as a deliver destination and bounces the
mail back.

Am running:
	ZMailer router (2.99.38 #1: Sun Sep 22 18:20:44 BST 1996)

	procmail v3.11pre4 1995/10/29 written and created by Stephen R. van den Berg

Would a zmailer upgrade help?

BTW - Is there any simple way to make the bounce messages (from zmailer)
      be non-MIME messages?

      Any simple way to kick the ta's from the scheduler for a particular
      channel and/or target.  'runq -c foochan/xyz.org'

Darryl Miles