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Well... Where's my mail?!


I'm new in zmailer, but I think I'm gonna love it. But...
I am running Linux RedHat 4.1 with ZMailer Server 2.99.49p4.
My host is not huge mail server, it's just a workstation, but 
sometimes I expect to receive mail.
You know, installing rpms is ql, but sometimes they have not 
properly configured conf files. And I was very surprised, when all my 
mail was found in /var/spool/postoffice/postman/*._looped files.
Is there any solution to get my mail delivered to 
Note, that I didn't changed anything in sm.conf.



* work: radekr@delta.com.pl, radetzky@irc.pl, radzio@venus.wis.pk.edu.pl
* home: radzio@polbox.com, rracin@sgh.waw.pl, radzio@dom.vr.pl
* www: http://venus.wis.pk.edu.pl/~radzio/